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Calculator Requirements:

1. Sales price must be more than $100,000.00 and less than $1,000,000.00.

2. Do not input dollar sign, comma, or period (example 425000).

3. Enter sales price & realtor commission and click calculate.

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Re-Issue Credit Explained

A re-issue credit is a potential discount you may qualify for if you are ordering a title insurance transaction involving the identical subject real property.

To begin the assessment to determine if you qualify for re-issue credit, simply produce a copy of your prior title insurance policy prior to the date of title insurance closing.

Your title insurance office will determine if you are entitled to a re-issue credit based upon several limiting factors as follows:

• To qualify for re-issue credit, the prior title insurance policy must have an effective date of less than three years for “improved” property;

• The three year limitation “does not” apply when the subject property “has not” been improved upon other than roads, bridges, drainage, utilities, or facilities;

• The three year limitation “does not” apply when you are ordering title insurance for purpose of “refinance” title insurance transaction.

Note: A re-issue credit is based upon the difference in value of prior title insurance up to the larger amount of new title insurance you order.

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