Title Insurance For Real Estate Closings In Palm Coast, Florida

Title Chain, Inc. (“Title Chain”) offers title insurance and performs real estate closings in Palm Coast, Florida. Title Chain is a local title insurance office doing business in the greater Flagler County, Florida community. Title Chain offers the convenience of two physical office locations to complete real estate closings in Palm Coast, Florida.

Title Chain was founded in July 2004 by local property owners Tom & Joanne Villano. The published culture statement for Title Chain is to provide professional title insurance services to assist buyers, sellers and their respective local real estate professionals achieve a cost-effective real estate transaction in Palm Coast, Florida.

What Is Title Insurance?

Title insurance indemnifies the insured(s) for financial loss due to defect in real property title or financial loss due to invalid or unenforceable mortgage, lien, life estate, and easement. Title insurance can be extended by endorsement. A title policy typically covers legal defense.

Will Buyer’s Lender Require Title Insurance?

When a buyer is utilizing a mortgage to purchase real property, a title insurance policy is ordered for the financial institution (lender) to insure the financial risk of title claim. This type of title insurance coverage typically does not insure the buyer unless the buyer orders an additional buyer’s title insurance policy.

Should The Buyer Acquire Title Insurance?

When a buyer acts to purchase real property with cash, or the buyer is putting up a substantial cash down payment to gain approval for a mortgage or non-institutionalized loan, then in those instances the buyer is at substantial risk of financial loss if a subsequent title claim arises after the date of real estate closing. A buyer is well-advised to order a buyer’s title insurance policy when purchasing real property.
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Title Chain, Inc. is a locally-owned, locally-managed, family-owned title insurance office operated by local residents Tom & Joanna Villano. There are two convenient locations to serve buyer, seller, and real estate professionals in Palm Coast, Florida and surrounding communities.
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